Friday, November 5, 2010


Just before the temperatures dropped here and it got too chilly to work outdoors, i managed to complete the last of my planned outdoor projects. The front porch is now complete, two window sills have been repaired, all of the windows on the south and east sides have been repainted, a new maple tree, some mums, and more lilies have been planted, and the two birdhouses have been painted. When i painted the house about 7-8 years ago, i painted over the red and green trim around the windows, only to find i really missed it.

And even though i know the woman who taught me calligraphy for a year when i lived in Japan back in the '80s is turning over in her grave at how bad my penmanship is, here's a closer look at the finished front porch.

There are rumors floating around that the temperatures could climb back up into the 60's next week. If they do, i will try and sneak back outside and paint the windows and door on the garage. Next spring i'll get the walls themselves, along with the house. I hope.

And now that i'm back indoors, if i can figure out what i want to say, i hope to start writing for the blog more often.

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